Welcome to Saint Martin of Tours Catholic Church

…and thank you for your interest in joining our parish community. Before you complete your registration we would like to share with you a bit about our parish.
We are a small, active community here in Martinsville. Everybody knows each other and we all pitch in to help when there is a need. We are intentional about working, giving and praying together. Here are a few of the things we ask of our parish family

Sacraments: At St. Martin of Tours Church, above all, we try to attend Mass every weekend and assist in ministries as needed. And in the same way that the pope encourages confession for the universal Catholic Church, so do we encourage regular (monthly) confession for our parish church community.

Parish Events: We host a biannual Martinsville Fun Day here at St. Martin’s. There is a cook out with a pie and ice cream stands for food. For entertainment there are softball games, and small game for the kids.There is even a beanbag tournament.

Financial Support: We also ask all our members to consider how much they are able to offer to the parish fund to keep St. Martin of Tours Church open and St Peter Catholic School running. Charitable giving is an essential part of the Christian life and we encourage our members to give as much as they can according to their means.

Catholic Education: Lastly, we are very proud  to be linked with St. Peter Catholic School which has pre-K to 5th grade school. We encourage our parishioners at St. Martin’s to consider sending their children as young as 3 years old to Saint Peter’s School as well and we do whatever we can to help those who might need financial, transportation, or other assistance. Catholic education helps ensure that the Catholic faith and values of the parents are passed on to their children. The school is an important way we assist parents in teaching their children about Jesus Christ.

If you wish to register to the parish please download and complete the form below:

St. Martin of Tours Registration Form

When completed, you can mail it in or email it to us at dkalscheur@stpetermiddleton.org.