January 20, 1850

St. Martin of Tours parish is established.The location was then known as Springfield Corners (previously it was Clarks Corners). The Premonstratensian Fathers from Roxbury serve the parish and a small church is built.


St. Martin’s becomes a mission parish of St. Francis Xavier Parish, Cross Plains.



The original church was too small so plans were made to build a larger one. This is cornerstone┬ástill in Martinsville. Construction started under Fr. Eusebius Hensler who was the first resident pastor at St. Martin’s, but was halted as the Civil War broke out and the parish had five different pastors in four years.

June 20, 1869

St. Martin's Church 1875

The present St. Martin of Tours Church was dedicated. Within four years, the rectory and convent were added.


St. Martin's Church 1950

In June of 1950 the Parish Celebrated its centennial anniversary. Bishop William O’Conner came and gave praise to the more than 250 area residents that filled the church. Rev. Clarence Stoffel celebrated the Solemn High Mass and a dinner was served afterwards as well as a picnic held on the church grounds that afternoon


In the summer of 2006, St. Martin of Tours was linked with St. Peter Catholic Church in Ashton. The two parishes now share one pastor.