St. Martin of Tours Congregation has the responsibility of two cemeteries located within the parish area. The first is identified as the Lower Cemetery; the second as the Upper Cemetery. Both are separate entities from the regular parish grounds.

The Lower Cemetery dates from the time of the establishment of St. Martin’s Parish, about 1850. It is located in the southwestern extremity of the parish boundaries. It is marked with a standing cross and shrubs. Although all of the monuments have been removed from the site, it is known that not all the of the bodies were transferred to the Upper Cemetery. According to theĀ Church History of Wisconsin, it is noted that Father Francis Zaster, one of the earliest Pastors, who passed away during his pastorate and accordingly was buried here. Since there is no monument marking his grave in the Upper Cemetery, it is presumed that his body remains in the Lower Cemetery.

The Upper Cemetery is located to the north of the parish buildings. It has been and continues to be the site of Christian burials at St. Martin of Tours Parish.